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Alcester Schools’ Book Award April 2012

Year 8 and 9 students have recently been taking part in the first Alcester Schools’ Book Award along with St Benedict’s and Alcester Academy. The students are reading a selection of books with the main theme simply being, ‘… the best read’ and then in June they will vote for their top three favourites.

The students have already visited Alcester Academy for their first discussions and it will be interesting to know the ultimate winner at the final event, which will be taking place here at Alcester Grammar–Academy.  There are already some very varying opinions!

 (Alcester Grammar and Alcester Academy students)

The students also will be visiting St Benedict’s soon to see Celia Rees, who is one of the authors up for the Book Award.  All the students are very excited about meeting such a highly acclaimed author who wrote Witch Child and the one of the shortlist novels, The Fools Girl, which appropriately for here has a Shakespearean focus!


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