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Maeve Clarke – Author Visit

Author - Maeve Clarke
Toward the end of October 2012, as part of our Black History Month focus, a group of Year 8 students went to Alcester Library and Information Centre to meet and listen to the really motivating writer, Maeve Clarke. A former student, Alice , who sang at the celebrations for the AGS Centenary, had requested if we could have a focus on the multi-cultural aspects of Black History Month in the LIC and was particularly delighted that we were still celebrating it with such activities. Here’s a summary by Lucy, one of the students who attended:

Maeve Clark, Mrs Beeson & Students

“We went down to Alcester LIC to listen to an author called Maeve Clarke. She got us to do a brief, interesting, writing exercise where we had to describe our most memorable pair of shoes – mine were from when I was seven years old; my pink strappy sandals that made me feel like a princess and transported me into a different world. Also, we listened to her talking about her life as an author and she discussed with us some of the different aspects of her novels ‘Give us the Money’ and ‘What Goes Round’. She read us some snippets from the last book, which I particularly enjoyed”.

Read some of the ideas that other students had for the ‘Memorable Shoes’ (top of page)  and watch the powerpoint presentation made by Lizzie and Leah. Aim high – Maeve Clarke ppoint    Shoes – Maeve Clark

Many thanks to Maeve Clarke and the Warks Library Service for organising the event.

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