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The annual Warwickshire Secondary Book Award, , culminated in March with an exciting Awards Session at the Bridge House Theatre, Warwick School.

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In preparation for the event our KS3 students read a shortlist of 6 books. These were:- Mortal Chaos by Matt Dickinson, The Messenger Bird by Ruth Eastham, Socks Are Not Enough by Mark Lowery, Twelve Minutes to Midnight by Christopher Edge, Undead by Kirsty McKay and Hitler’s Angel by William Osborne.

This local Reading Award, organised by the Warwickshire Schools’ Library Service, involved reading, reviewing, discussing and then voting for their top three novels; based on “a book that you can’t put down”.

One of our team wrote: Undead – “The description on the blurb makes you really want to read it and know what happened. The cover is really simple but effective and the book is a real page turner because everything is so unexpected! I hated how it left it on a cliffhanger though!”

Another student wrote: Hitler’s Angel – “I loved it!” It was very adventurous and I just couldn’t put it down! The story kept twisting and turning and had three viewpoints. The ending I found very emotional but it always made me feel that I was there! I really loved it and I will read it again and again! I thought the cover was also good and it drew me in.”

Our results were:- 1st place – Hitler’s Angel’s, 2nd – Undead and 3rd – Twelve Minutes to Midnight

On Awards’ Day we all gathered at Bridge House Theatre, Warwick School, to listen to the results and watch some exciting presentations by two of the authors. Please see attached article written by one of our students, who has recently achieved her school’s “Gold Reading Challenge Award” . Warks Book Award 2013 – Awards’ Summary

The conclusion of the whole event was 1st place – Hitler’s Angel’s, 2nd – Undead and 3rd – The Messenger Bird..

A very enjoyable event with plenty of contributions from all involved.

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