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Not long after visiting the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, it was so appropriate for the Library Assistants to be able to see the excavations by the Heritage Trust before the main foundation digging for the new school block.  This is because the area has some protection because of the heritage links of our site with its Roman aspects and the Medieval monastery that still has foundations in the field adjoining the school and of which the remains of an outerpart of the monastery is still under this area of the school site.

The Heritage Trust team are so dedicated and responsive and it was especially good for us to see some primary sources. There has been revealed the original base of a medieval Blacksmith’s area with some definite detail, giving an appreciation of the life and needs of the people at the time and including some of the artefacts that were carefully dug up, like the small, beautifully carved section of a pillar and the fragment of an original pot.

Really useful sites they have recommended to us for further research from a heritage and geographical point of view are: and

Enjoy searching!

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