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We were fortunate to be part of a great, local Literature Festival organised by the Warwickshire Library Service. Hosted in Libraries across the whole county the events brought local writers and audiences into Libraries to share and extend the pleasure of reading and writing.

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A group of Year 8 students met Alex Nikitas, who is a writer and storyteller, and who has adapted Greek myths and English fairy tales for performance. He has also co-written three plays for students in the Black Country and won a Creative Partnership Award in 2007. This was a relaxed way for students to meet a published writer from our region to share in his knowledge of how to convey the heritage of story and cultural aspects through performance.

Here is an article written by one of our students, Vicky Robinson.

The Fantastic Fun with Words Festival runs from October 19th to November 2nd. This year is the sixth year it is being held.

It is a two week festival of free events that includes all ages. Storytellers and authors are appearing around Warwickshire, with events such as Drama Workshops, Reader’s Evenings and Storytelling Fun. The storytellers that appeared were Alex Nikitas (whom we had a workshop with) Cat Weatherill, Maria Whatton, and Jonathan Collings. The authors that held talks were Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn, Amanda Smyth, Dragan Todorovic, Mez Packer, Andy Killeen and Jeff Phelps.
This year they are also hosting events called ‘Off the Page’, which transforms a library for a day where famous stories are brought to life.

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