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Chris Evans – 500 Words Competition

We are now reached the deadline for this wonderful competition. Children, in two categories up to the age of 13, from all over the UK were invited to write a story of no more than 500 words. As well as the chance of having their story read by famous celebrity readers, at the grand final, there is also the chance to win a serious stack of books for their school! Judges include Richard Hammond, Francesca Simon and Malorie Blackman. Thanks to our own preliminary judge, teacher and Head Librarian, Louise Beeson – one of many volunteers who will give up their time to read the stories and put forward their favourite judged by specific criteria.
Also, teaming up with the Children’s Dictionary and Language team at Oxford University Press to analyse the words used in 500 words submissions, it was discovered that the longest phrase was “deep breath” and the most frequently used word in last year’s submission was ‘mum’ – what a lovely focus!Most frequently used word was 'mum'.

Library Assistant Training – With Warwickshire Schools Library Service

Mrs Beeson and Mrs Watson with our new Library Assistants

Mrs Beeson and Mrs Watson with Senior Librarian Assistants and our new Student Trainee Librarians.

Training is well underway for our enthusiastic group of trainee Year 7, 8, 9 , 10 and 11 Librarians, supported by our current Senior Librarian Assistants. Training commenced in January when Alice from the Schools’ Library Service visited for the afternoon to talk and help the students think about what constitutes running a good Library. Topics, such as how to accurately file non-fiction books using the Dewey System, the level of book repairs with an environmental focus and how to provide excellent customer service were covered.
The students have received their certificates and will receive a Librarian badge after some extra training and will continue to help in the Library. They have been tasked with thinking about their Library and how they would like to see some aspects run in the future, including themed promotional aspects and the possible implementation of a trial e-book system.

Formula 1 – All The Races – 1950 – 2012 (second edition)

Thank you to Dave Smith, one of our Exam Vigilators, for recommending the above mentioned book for our Library. Written by Roger Smith, this remarkable book, presents a comprehensive history of the Formula 1 World Championship since 1950, its 616 pages densely packed with facts and figures as well as analysis and perspective. Car racing being something which Dave is passionate about.
He helped with verifying some of the statistical data for the book which records events in extraordinary detail. No Formula 1 fan will want to be without it.

Warwickshire Secondary Schools Book Award

Warks Book Award TeamThe 2014 Warwickshire Secondary Book Award, organised by the Warwickshire Schools’ Library Service, is underway. It is for KS3 students and there is a shortlist of 6 books for them to read before voting for their favourite choice – a book that “…you can’t put down”. Nearly every week the students meet up for discussions to help in the choice of their winner, second and third place and they then vote to determine our AGS group’s top three – there have already been some definite opinions!

The Award Presentation for the winners, voted for by all the schools, will take place on the morning of Tuesday, 1st April at The Bridge House Theatre, Warwick School. There is also a competition run for the students to win prizes and at the final event one or two of the shortlist authors is invited for discussion and to sign books, which the students love!

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