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Chris Evans – 500 Words Competition

We are now reached the deadline for this wonderful competition. Children, in two categories up to the age of 13, from all over the UK were invited to write a story of no more than 500 words. As well as the chance of having their story read by famous celebrity readers, at the grand final, there is also the chance to win a serious stack of books for their school! Judges include Richard Hammond, Francesca Simon and Malorie Blackman. Thanks to our own preliminary judge, teacher and Head Librarian, Louise Beeson – one of many volunteers who will give up their time to read the stories and put forward their favourite judged by specific criteria.
Also, teaming up with the Children’s Dictionary and Language team at Oxford University Press to analyse the words used in 500 words submissions, it was discovered that the longest phrase was “deep breath” and the most frequently used word in last year’s submission was ‘mum’ – what a lovely focus!Most frequently used word was 'mum'.

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