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Library Assistant Training – With Warwickshire Schools Library Service

Mrs Beeson and Mrs Watson with our new Library Assistants

Mrs Beeson and Mrs Watson with Senior Librarian Assistants and our new Student Trainee Librarians.

Training is well underway for our enthusiastic group of trainee Year 7, 8, 9 , 10 and 11 Librarians, supported by our current Senior Librarian Assistants. Training commenced in January when Alice from the Schools’ Library Service visited for the afternoon to talk and help the students think about what constitutes running a good Library. Topics, such as how to accurately file non-fiction books using the Dewey System, the level of book repairs with an environmental focus and how to provide excellent customer service were covered.
The students have received their certificates and will receive a Librarian badge after some extra training and will continue to help in the Library. They have been tasked with thinking about their Library and how they would like to see some aspects run in the future, including themed promotional aspects and the possible implementation of a trial e-book system.

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