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450th Anniversary Celebrations of Shakespeare’s Birthday.

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Mrs Louise Beeson, who has a strong passion for anything Shakespeare (a fact well known by anyone that works in the Library) attended the celebration and has written an article for us on the event.  Please enjoy!

The Library  has a Partnership Project Link with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

The 450th Anniversary Celebrations of Shakespeare’s Birthday

Library Assistant Training with Warks Schools’ Library Service

DSC00751At the beginning of November we were joined by Hannah from the Warwickshire Schools’ Library Service, who was invited in to the School to help our new Library Assistants gain extra knowledge about the responsibilities of helping and running a Library.  The students all achieved their Training Certificates and will now continue with further training and voluntary service in the Library to gain their Library Assistant Badge and position on the team.   This will give them the valuable skills that are necessary to help support students and teachers alike.  Well done to all the students for their focus and participation in the training.

Please read the review from two of our Library Assistants.

library assistant training course 2014

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