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Born to Play – Dan Freedman Prequel Novel

Dan Freedman, the talented author of the Jamie Johnson series of novels; about an aspiring young footballer, visited our school just a couple of years ago as a shortlisted author for our local Alcester Schools’ Book Award.  It was therefore great to receive a sample copy of the latest, specially written prequel in this series called, Born to Play. 

Born to Play is a novel that covers a young boy’s aspect of life and experiences in the football world whilst also being in Year 7 at school.  Thus, it was a lovely gesture to be able to present this sample copy, by Mr McGready, our Head of PE, as a gift to a young, talented Y7 footballer in our school: Will Cooke.

Mr McGready with  Will Cooke

Mr McGready with
Will Cooke

Will was scouted by Wolves’ Academy, Wolverhampton and has been playing with them for one and a half years.   He loves this experience and covers three training sessions a week and plays one match a week to develop his tactical, football team skills.

Thank you to Dan Freedman for a lovely gift.

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Alcester Schools’ Book Award 2015 – Final

The final of our three schools’ event was held at St Benedict’s RC School on 21 May 2015 which was a lovely event for all and the students were able to find out the winner of the book award and see if their choice matched.  The winning book was ‘The Fault in our Stars’ – John Green, second place went to ‘No Stone Unturned’ Helen Watts and third place went to ‘The Darkening Lands’ – Harry Sherwin.

One our students, Eleanor wrote about the first trip. 

Today we visited Alcester Academy and met with students from Alcester Academy and St Benedict’s RC.

When we arrived we were put into mixed school groups and were shown a brief introduction to the five shortlisted books.  This was a complete surprise as the selection had been kept secret from us.  They included a wide genre of books – a romance, a fantasy, a mystery, a war and a dystopian fiction.

Once we were in our groups, we were asked to vote for our favourite book based on the cover, the blurb and quotes from other authors out of the shortlisted books, by a show of hands.  The most popular cover from the students was “The Darkening Lands (fantasy), and for the staff it was “Soldier Dog”.  I didn’t like this one because I don’t like the war genre.

After our break we then had a quiz.  There were several pictures which related to a popular book and from the pictures we had to try and guess which character it was, eg glasses and a wand was Harry Potter.

What I enjoyed about today was that it was very well rehearsed and the teachers had already read the books so the teachers could give us an overview on the books, with an idea of some of their favourite genre.   I also enjoyed meeting some new friends, seeing old classmates and seeing what new books we would be reading.

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