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Born to Play – Dan Freedman Prequel Novel

Dan Freedman, the talented author of the Jamie Johnson series of novels; about an aspiring young footballer, visited our school just a couple of years ago as a shortlisted author for our local Alcester Schools’ Book Award.  It was therefore great to receive a sample copy of the latest, specially written prequel in this series called, Born to Play. 

Born to Play is a novel that covers a young boy’s aspect of life and experiences in the football world whilst also being in Year 7 at school.  Thus, it was a lovely gesture to be able to present this sample copy, by Mr McGready, our Head of PE, as a gift to a young, talented Y7 footballer in our school: Will Cooke.

Mr McGready with  Will Cooke

Mr McGready with
Will Cooke

Will was scouted by Wolves’ Academy, Wolverhampton and has been playing with them for one and a half years.   He loves this experience and covers three training sessions a week and plays one match a week to develop his tactical, football team skills.

Thank you to Dan Freedman for a lovely gift.

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