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Ex student of AGS, Sheila Kinchin, visits

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We were recently contacted by  a previous student of Alcester Grammar School, Sheila Kinchin (now Roberts) asking if she could visit and bring in her school memorabilia which she thought would be useful for our archives.

Sheila who had been a student here from 1955-1961 was able to show us her whole school photograph, from when there were only approximately 330 students.  In her own words, “I loved being at Alcester Grammar School, it was very strict though”.  It was a time of black blazers with red trimming (for the girls only) and a red beret and “you were in trouble if you didn’t wear it correctly”.  You would go and be measured up for your uniform before you started at the school.  Some others of us might remember these times!

Sheila was not keen on hockey so started up a Ballroom Dancing Club.  You stayed at school until you were 15 but if you were taking your exams you stayed until 16.  Sheila achieved her qualifications and went on to work at Midland Bank.  The Headmaster at this time was Mr Davison.

Sheila had been having a clear out and had come across photographs, school reports and other fascinating documents from her school years and had decided to donate them to us, which we were delighted to receive.  She also gifted us a very special book, a mini Shakepeare book of the Play “Cymbeline” which was dedicated to Ellen Terry and published in 1904.

It was a fascinating visit and we would like to thank Sheila for her lovely contribution.

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