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Alcester Schools’ Book Award – 2017


On Wed 15th February, the Launch Event for Alcester Schools’ Book Award 2017 took place in our Library at Alcester Grammar School.  It was great to welcome all the students and staff from the other schools. The response from the students, who were chosen to participate in this event, was superb; reminding us of the value of books.  All three Alcester Schools host a different event and the wonderful game Linkee that we played in the afternoon, definitely helped to ‘link’ the schools together in fun and friendship.

After the event our students were asked to provide some feedback.  Here are some of the comments made:

I really enjoyed the launch event today because it gave you an opportunity to compare interests with others from other schools. Not only that, but I loved the fact that while we were all having fun, we were improving our communication skills.  My favourite part was the LINKEE game because it was all fun and games and it was a good laugh. I learnt about book buzz and how it benefits before reading a book.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity – Jacob 
I really enjoyed meeting students from the other schools. It was really fun playing the Linkee game with mixed groups – Dan
The Launch today was a very fun experience.  I got to meet new people from different schools and learn about their interests and about their school as well. The LINKEE game was very fun as we got to use are knowledge and communication skills in a fun new game that none of us had heard of.   Learning about the new books and the authors was very interesting and I can’t wait to read them!  All the books look so new and different that I’m sure that I will love all of them!  Thank you for this experience. – Joseph 
 I thought the launch event was good because we found out about the books and rating them by the cover was good. I think the videos were good especially when other pupils shared their thoughts on the different books.



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